The New Message of Love — Volumes 1-3

The New Message of Love, in 3 volumes, is the angelic Preparation for entering confidently into the New World. The Message provides powerful steps for enhancing your intuition, receiving clear guidance for decision-making, empowering your leadership & bringing you experiences of spiritual healing. Moriah is the spiritual name of author Sue Kidd Shipe, PhD.

The New Message of Love was given to Humanity from High Energetic Beings, or Angels, to prepare us for the New World in which we have entered. It comprises three books:


Book I. Invitation to Love invites us to join in concert with those in the flesh and beyond who are leading during this evolutionary change.

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Book II. Journey to Love is a curriculum that will guide you to develop the necessary skills, perception, under-standing, and power to survive and lead.

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Book III. The Healing Journey provides a view of life as it goes through the stages of healing to true unity or oneness with the Creator, referred to here as Love.

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